Sunday, 19 May 2013

Feeling of Mine~

We have been together for more than 4 months after I have been single for 2 years. The memory is still clear for the first time I met you. The feeling is like – I have finally found you. You’re caring, sweet, attracted me, even now you are still the same in my heart. It’s sort of tough for our relationship, because we are from different countries, different cultures, different languages, and different life style. 

After the first time we met, I went back to Kl, full of my heart was missing you. That time, I would rather give up everything that I have just to be together with you. So we met on the valentine day and that was the first time I celebrated my valentine’s day with my valentine. It was good and memorable. I can never believe that I’ve been looking for a job for more than 2 months. The motivation that you have given to me is strong enough that I can’t even expect. On 29th of March I attended the interview and I got the job!

After 2 weeks time, 14th of April, I’m in Bangkok and the night we officially staying together. The feeling of staying together is nervous, unbearable in the first place, but you comforted me with your patience and taking care of me for all the time. I was like a big baby, you worried about me almost like every day.

For transportation, meals, my emotional, my feelings, my life, my financial status, for everything. I’m doing my best to be independent as fast as I can because I truly understand it is not easy to take care of someone. 

And now, I’m here for more than a month. We argued sometimes, and we cried sometimes, but in deep of our hearts we know that we loving each other, more and more each day.

Somebody told me, do not live with someone that you can live with, live with someone that you can’t live without~  

Every time when I see you smile, I think I’m the happiest guy in the world.

Every time I hug you, I think I’m the happiest guy in the world.

Every time I kiss you, I think I have finally found you.

Every time you cried, my heart is like broken into pieces.

I will never forget your answer of my question – How much you love me out of 100% ?

I love you 100% !

I just want to say : I love you 100% too.

I wish I could stay with you every day that I have in my life.


  1. hehe love till fly to bangkok

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. Wah my tou dai have a blog... i happens to be a passer by. Wish u all d best in everything be it physically mentally n emotionally. I will always support u as it used to be.